pixel art of a ufo

we're the house, and this website is our ongoing art project. we are a plural system and we have a lot of special interests.

most recent update: new biogeography facts page and a list of books we've read this year

website last updated march 21st, 2023

fun fact: there is no word in latin that means "fun". they had words for game, joke, and entertainment, but nothing that matches the english idea of "fun" 1:1.

website attractions

please interact fellow...

  • freaks!
  • artists!
  • plural systems!
  • poets!
  • queers!
  • crj stans!
  • worldbuilders!

stuff we like

  • poetry
  • carly rae jepsen
  • pixel and ai art
  • our ocs
  • worldbuilding
    • conlanging
    • geography
    • speculative biology