welcome to the website of the zpires system!

pixel art of a ufo

here is our showcase of things that we (a plural system ) are passionate about. we're excited to use this space to gush about stuff and show off our worldbuilding and original characters, along with internet shrines to other things we like :>

if you want to hang out, feel free to join us in our twitch streams! we stream art, internet esoterica, video games, and we plan on doing more avant garde shit in the near future!

website last updated january 14th, 2023

website attractions

  • worldbuilding three different worlds, including making up our own languages
  • shrines for carly rae jepsen, the shapeshifting detective, the beef and dairy network, and more!
  • ai art galleries using various algorithms and blends
  • our messy and silly original characters and their lore!

please interact fellow...

  • freaks!
  • artists!
  • plural systems!
  • poets!
  • queers!
  • crj stans!
  • worldbuilders!

stuff we like

  • poetry
  • carly rae jepsen
  • pixel and ai art
  • our ocs
  • worldbuilding
    • conlanging
    • geography
    • speculative biology