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moonflute, our husband


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welcome to our website!

here is our showcase of things that we (zpires, a plural system ) are passionate about. imagine this is a sweet little garden that we're filling with love and creativity and the carrots and strawberries are worldbuilding and web shrines.

this is a gallery of our interests and dedications, special interests and we're also interested in connecting with other storytellers, worldbuilders, and artists doing cool stuff. please feel free to interact with us, and thank you for being part of our internet journey!

we plan on implementing a lot of neat features around here! stay tuned for more interactive and playful elements.

please interact fellow

  • freaks
  • artists developing their craft
  • poets and wanna-be poets
  • bad examples
  • people with pronouns other people get mad at
  • nuanced-take-havers
  • crj stans
  • classic doctor who fans
  • people terrified of web3 and the future of internet privacy
  • sidekicks and secondary characters
  • monolingual linguists, struggling

new features!

last updated: september 22, 2022


beef and dairy network podcast in-character microsite! check out its progress and go to our beef shrine!

the stuff inside

we have so much stuff in our head that we're excited to display for other people to see. hopefully you enjoy as well!

  • our original characters and their lore
  • worldbuilding for those characters
  • conlanging and linguistics, for the worldbuilding
  • writing, original poetry/prose and fanfic
  • galleries of our art and art we enjoy
  • shrines to things we love like doctor who and tf2
  • autobiographies and personal aesthetics

coming soon!

  • beef and dairy network website
  • more image assets!
  • new zine
  • doctor who shrine
  • conlang projects
  • worldbuilding articles
  • plurality and neurodivergence info
  • tf2 shrine
  • botw shrine
  • david lynch shrine
  • 420 glass collection/diary
  • beef and dairy network shrine


noun. /pʌlp/ soft flesh



featured oc pic

bust of astral with his tongue sticking out. he has tan skin, straight gray hair, shoulder length. sharp features. art by scumsuck