welcome to our website!

pixel art of a ufo

here is our showcase of things that we (a plural system ) are passionate about. we're excited to use this space to gush about stuff and show off our original characters and art and poetry :>

this site is a personal art project that we're continually working on, including major redesigns. stick around for the ride. :3

we plan on implementing a lot of neat features around here! stay tuned for more interactive and playful elements.

website last updated december 3rd, 2022

please interact fellow...

  • freaks!
  • artists!
  • plural systems!
  • poets!
  • queers!
  • crj stans!
  • worldbuilders!
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stuff we like

  • poetry
  • carly rae jepsen
  • pixel and ai art
  • our ocs
  • worldbuilding
    • conlanging
    • geography
    • speculative biology