welcome to our shrines directory! we're happy to share cool things with you that hopefully you'll enjoy along with us.

new southern reach trilogy

we love jeff vandermeer's southern reach trilogy and its movie adaptation are weird science fiction stories. expeditions explore area x, but its alien nature doesn't adhere to human whims.

floating and floating, like nothing human but something free and floating

carly rae jepsen spinning green music note

carly rae jepsen's our favorite musical artist! we love her music, and we put some of our thoughts about her career and review some of her leaked songs.

run away with me!

team fortress 2

team fortress 2 (tf2) is an fps shooter from 2007 that is now free to play. it features 9 classes and we have over 2222 hours in the game as of writing.

move that gear up


biogeography is the study of species and ecosystems in geographic space and through geological time, according to wikipedia. organisms are influenced by their environment and how their environment has changed. this is one of jyliet's biggest special interests.

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updated beef and dairy network

beef and dairy network podcast is a surreal comedy-horror podcast that takes place in a world of four meats: beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. there's a lot of very strange worldbuilding, but canonically the podcast has a website, so we tried to recreate it.

beef out!

the shapeshifting detective

the shapeshifting detective is a supernatural neo-noir full motion video game. you play as a detective who can take on the form of anyone they've met, and you're using these powers to solve the murder of dorota shaw, an award-winning cellist from the town of august.

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ai art galleries

maddy, jyliet, and teresa use zero-shot image generators like stable diffusion as part of their artistic process. these galleries showcase different models and some of our favorite pieces.

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