shrine directory

welcome to our shrines directory! we're happy to share cool things with you that hopefully you'll enjoy along with us.

carly rae jepsen

carly rae jepsen's our favorite musical artist! we love her music, and we put some of our thoughts about her career and review some of her leaked songs.

run away with me!

beef and dairy network

beef and dairy network podcast is a surreal comedy-horror podcast that takes place in a world of four meats: beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. there's a lot of very strange worldbuilding, but canonically the podcast has a website, so we tried to recreate it.

beef out!

doctor who

our first round of special interest was in 2010-2013 with nuwho, but lately we've been watching the classic series, especially from the 70s and early 80s (doctors 3-5).

there's so much stuff in doctor who, so much media and behind the scenes information, plots and lore, that this will be ever evolving.

whorp whorp!

twin peaks / david lynch

twin peaks is a brilliant, sad, terrifying, sweet show that we love very much. we also love a lot of other work by david lynch, so we'll gush about his filmography (mulholland drive, lost highway, blue velvet, and wild at heart) as well as his other videos like rabbits and fire and what did jack do.

let's rock!

breath of the wild

one of our favorite video games. it's the first and only zelda game we've ever played. we've never 100%'d it, but we have many hours in it and we love it.

destroy ganon


our absolute favorite video game in the world. team fortress 2's an online multiplayer team-based first person shooter. we have just under 2222 hours and have sunk so much money into it. it has a beautiful aesthetic and the meta is very satisfying.

ubercharge ready!