teresa is the queen of the universe. she's a witch by training and a wild magician by inclination. she leads with astral as they move toward their messy alien future. despite the fourteen-year age difference between them, she's unintimidated by him and will even poison him if he's too bad. beloved by astral and georgie, she relishes her time spent funneling her visions and mania into art (acrylic and oil paintings of a sexual occult horror nature) and sex magic.


pyrokinesis sums up her personality. teresa is passionate, clever, and follows thrills wherever she can get them. when she's given room to, she'll demand the attention of everyone around her. she can be underestimated because she's a fashionable young woman, but where astral might show restraint while considering the long-term effects of setting people on fire, she does not.

sometimes she can take on more than she can chew, and she's not direct when it comes to her own failures. still, she tries not to fail with all her might. she's proud, but she can swallow it for her children. she is mama to everyone in the connection except for astral, and it shows.


  • painting
  • singing to georgie
  • the beatles
  • scandalized stares


  • dysphoria
  • waiting
  • overconfident men
  • being wrong
  • scrambled eggs
  • insecticide


  • painting
  • studying magic from books
  • calming georgie down
  • starting fires
  • braiding hair
  • parenting


  • singing in tune


Body Features

nearly a foot shorter than her husband, slight, fashionably cut light blonde hair

she's transgender and has tattoos given to her befitting her status as alien royalty

Clothing and Dress

loose clothing, sheer/see-through fabrics, lace


the year is 1969.

born on august 8th, 1945, teresa francis was born, the first child to purple heart world war ii soldier and his wife, in pasadena, california.

another version of events has her as the oldest daughter of a mrs. palmer. they lived with teresa's grandmother, and she got a sibling when she was seven years old.

teresa had no questions about her gender and knew she was trans from a very young age. she began to transition socially/medically as soon as possible. in the earliest version, she started at around 14 and in the second she never went through a testosteronic puberty.

creative and crazy, teresa picked up painting in one of the hospitals she ended up at for her mania. painting helped stop her setting things on fire, so even though it was expensive and messy her parents happily paid for it.

Meets Astral somehow, either at a sex party or at a college party. at the college party, she and astral don't stay in touch and teresa only sees him again because she needed his help solving a magical mystery.

Through magical conception, Teresa has Georgie's baby first (cuckolding Astral, who had been trying to get Teresa pregnant), and they name their baby Marvin after Marvin the Martian.

Later, she has Astral's baby, who they name Daffodil or "Daffy", continuing the Looney Tunes theme.


Astral: husband

  • alien power couple
  • completely unintimidated by him
  • poisons him if he's bad

Georgie: lover

  • dotes on her
  • helps georgie learn how to reign herself in
  • benefits from georgie's intense love
  • sometimes they're sisters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mac: dog

  • fascinated by his loyalty
  • friendly, not attracted to each other


Character Inspiration

  • The Love Witch
  • Mia Farrow
  • Girl, Interrupted

Origin of Name

teresa's name comes from [REDACTED]. the middle name "helen" comes from helen of troy (or, as she is known in some dirty magazines, helen of toy). don't remember where francis comes from