content warnings for this page include: cults, hypnotism, self-injury, attempted infanticide, institionalization, transphobia, abandonment

Georgie is the original no thoughts, head empty girl, but delightfully feral. Sometimes she's literally a raccoon, but most of the time she's a human who's tall and awkward. She either has no gross motor skills or only gross motor skills. Magic did not come naturally to her, and most of her talents are in home economics: sewing is her favorite, but she's also a good cook and baker.

She loves poetry and loves being read to (especially by Teresa) because she can't read herself. Mac especially loves the wacky outfits that she sews, but he loves them much less when they're covered in blood because Astral made Georgie explode a horse with her mind or something.


Play-doh brained Georgie is so silly and absorbs everything around her and is often overwhelmed by it all. No matter what, she is full of love and never quite knows what to do with it. Excitable and impulsive, she's fond of eloping when it's inconvenient, but will be there in someone's arms the second she realizes they could use a hug.

Georgie is autistic and happily lives an interdependent life out in the woods. She can't read, but she'll let others read to her while she does other things, like cook, clean, or sew for her polycule. As a result of the cult's brainwashing, she yields to whatever commands are given to her, but they're always good commands, so she's happy to do them and it's fine, of course.


  • Loony Tunes
  • Sewing new clothes
  • Being in love
  • Floor peanuts
  • Poetry
  • Spitty mouth stims


  • Horses
  • Menus in French
  • Velvet
  • Loud noises
  • Complicated food


  • Sewing mismatching fabrics
  • Cooking with cannabis
  • Exploding animals
  • Dosing drugs
  • Memorizing inseams and bust sizes


  • Determination
  • Conversational flow
  • Anything school-related


Body Features

Tall and lanky, she regularly has to look down at the people around her. She has fairly broad shoulders that are very good for resting heads on. With her food pickiness and activity tending to the garden, she is strong but lean and fairly tan with freckles on her shoulders.

If she doesn't have a vaguely heart-shaped birthmark or mole on her cheek, she'll draw one on herself.

Physical quirks

Her favorite stims are making chewing/spitty sounds, chirping, and flapping her wrists. They change in shape and form depending on her mood, but at her happiest she's chirping and flapping and at her worst she's chewing on her cheek so hard it bleeds.

Clothing and Dress

She wears absolutely whatever she wants. Overalls, dresses, suits, jackets, pajamas, whatever she happens to make.


Only Child Timeline

The year is 1969.

Born on August 8th, 1948, Georgie Palmer was born without intention to an overwhelmed mother and a cop father. They struggled with their new screaming, crying, and wailing handful. In her desperation, Georgie's mother tried to kill her. Several times, Georgie was placed on her crib at the top of the stairs for her to roll off of it. After that trick was found out, her dad stepped in. Georgie was kept at home and out of institutions and out of school. She didn't talk until she was seven or so.

By the time she was fifteen, she could talk, but her dad didn't like her requests for feminine stuff. Her dad started to regularly lock her out of the house. Well, fine. Georgie ran away and got picked up by Astral instead.

Embraced by the loving connection, she grows up to be twenty-one years old, extremely self-confident, happy, and a part of something wonderful. She loves her queen and king and will do everything she can for them. Especially her queen.

Too Green Hands Timeline

Born on July 11th, 1950, Georgie Palmer was born into a family with a long line of witches on her mother's side. She was a handful, the same handful as usual, but she had a loving grandmother, mother, and sister to help take care of her. Her sister, Teresa, was also trans, so it took much less angst for her to come to terms with her gender identity.

In 1962, Teresa and Georgie lost their mother and grandmother in a car crash.

Teresa and Georgie descend into poverty as they rely more and more on their family's magic shop to make ends meet. Teresa was a witch still in training, so her wares aren't as good as her parents, and their customers have been slowly finding other places for their crystals and books.

Georgie, while loved and treasured and taught many things, still agonizes over being a burden. To relieve Teresa of an additional weight, Georgie tries to do magic to stop her stimming to make it easier for her to move around and engage with others by doing a spell. Instead, she fucks up her hand so bad Teresa has to call a special magical consultant, Astral. Knowing he can offer them a better life, they go with him.


Once at the connection, Teresa finds out her special place in the world, as does Georgie: to play the role of midwife when Teresa succeeds in birthing the alien-human hybrid child who will bring the dawn of the new age.

Georgie fails step 1 though and accidentally cuckolds Astral instead, impregnating Teresa with their own child named Marvin. It does not go over well. Through a series of random factors, Georgie discovers she's a necromancer because she blows up a horse or eats a snake.

Raccoon timeline

Sometimes she's just a raccoon shapeshifting girl, and her timeline is that she's cute and good.


Teresa: wife

  • Apple of her eye
  • Thinks Teresa's the smartest coolest sexiest sweetest person in the world
  • Sometimes they're also sisters

Astral: god

  • Oblivious to his slobbering desire
  • Respects and fears him as a divine/magical authority

Mac: meatball

  • Loves him with whole heart
  • He has strong exasperated big brother energy
  • Because sometimes they're siblings


Character Inspiration

  • Stevie Nicks
  • Misty Day

Origin of Name

She's had some name shifts. Because of real life stuff, she couldn't have her first name anymore, then her second name was off the table. Had to go back to the drawing board for a cute unisex masculine-leaning name. Georgie means "earth worker" and considering she's a necromancer farmer, that sounds right.

"Rose" is a pretty name.She was going to be "Georgia Peach" but that is a little too cloying for it to be her fully name.