the worlds of our original characters

each universe consists of archetypal characters that we mush around into whatever standard starting configuration we want, and then we release them out into the wild to see if they survive.


it's pasadena, CA, 1969, and the CONNECTION are preparing for the end of the world. ASTRAL, an alien wizard, leads the preparations with TERESA, an extraterrestrial witch. the world isn't ready for their species yet, so they enlist vulnerable losers to help: MAC, a local dog and magic sponge, and GEORGIE, a feral necromancer.


the TWONIVERSE is a secret world in Austin, Texas in 2005. it started with PATRICE and BUDDY, who were original characters based off of a fandom a long time ago, but who have morphed beyond recognition. after being bullied by their authors for years and years, there are now doubles of each, PIERRE and BUNNY. there are magical animals, reoccurring plots, the darlingest of handholding. slice of life with dark twists underneath.

the TWONIVERSE has two main archetypes, each split into two: PIERRE/PATRICE and BUNNY/BUDDY. these two worlds cross over all the time! for fun and silly reasons, these characters get on each other's nerves or fall in wuv. please enjoy! we certainly do.

note that this world is less finished than the connection.

a rabbit holding another rabbit, both rabbits are wearing sneakers