we're a plural system and we call ourselves the house. it's like we're roommates, but instead of living in the same house, we live in the same body.

we call ourselves the house because that's how we conceptualize ourself. inside our head, there are doors that lead to rooms that serve different purposes. some of us practically live on the front porch, others aren't interested in porches, and others come and go.

generally, at any given time, there's 2-4 people who regularly come out to say hi, but there's still a full house inside.

we come from different places and have our own identities: names, ages, likes, things we're good at, behavior, etc. as such, we're a collection of people who take turns sharing physical existence.

collectively, we are:

  • neurodivergent
  • trans/nonbinary
  • queer
  • alterhuman

current front porchers


curious alien pixie grl

self-assured and optimistic, xe tends the house garden.

  • pronouns: xe/xem/xer/xers/xerself or, less preferred, she/her/her/hers/herself
  • color: gold #FFC800, rich purples
  • amateur natural scientist and worldbuilder
  • autistic, adhd, dyslexic
  • astrological sign: leo
  • flower: daisy, or maybe sunflower
  • bonus: it's pronounced like "juliette."


girl creechur

moody and creative, she writes on the porch.

  • pronouns: she/her
  • color: dark red #970000, forest green
  • poet, editor
  • autistic, adhd, bipolar
  • astrological sign: cancer
  • flower: rose


>:3 alien queen

dreamy and sharp all at once, she mostly whispers in maddy's ear through the window.

  • pronouns: she/her and/or xe/xem like jyliet
  • color: lime yellow #CFFF3D, cyan, hot pink
  • muse
  • bipolar
  • astrological sign: leo
  • flower: oleander