carly rae jepsen

pop's undefeatable ambassador of love

she's our favorite musician and one time at a concert someone gave her a sword to wield, so she did

carly rae jepsen (crj) is our favorite musician. we love her music and spend a lot of time listening to it. her music is 80s inspired dance pop "chill disco" with buttery feathery vocals and tender lyrics.

her most well known song is call me maybe, a song on her 2012 album kiss. the song was so popular that it was even referenced by cookie monster. unfortunately, the light-hearted pop song branded crj as a twee girlish bright-eyed darling in the minds of like everyone on earth. undaunted, crj went on to knock the ball out of the park with her album emotion, an underrated gem that critics loved.

a year after emotion came out, emotion: side b dropped. it was a complete surprise, and it rules. it's our favorite album.

crj took her time (four years!) crafting dedicated, a much more mature and confident voice. and, just like emotion before it, dedicated: side b was released. we're torn as to which we like better because they're both really good.

her latest album, the loneliest time has a parental warning sticker. we hoped for the dark!crj album and it delivered. our in-depth review for it can be found below.

carly rae jepsen makes music that makes me feel like when you grab your friend's hand and pull them to the dance floor and you do a silly little wiggle to get started. and isn't that a good feeling?

the loneliest time

the loneliest time is crj's seventh studio album (after tug of war, kiss, emotion, emotion side b, dedicated, dedicated side b) and it fucking rules. it's so good. please listen to it.

the first six songs just absolutely fucking rule. the 7th song is bends, which really slows everything down and it stays pretty lowkey after that. shooting star brings the energy back up a bit. so nice has a very similar vibe to everything he needs.

the loneliest time track reviews

reviews of every song on the album
  1. surrender my heart

    the first time carly gets to say fuck!

    what a banger to start the album with! it also does a great job of setting up the mood and themes, which are all about loneliness, desperation, vulnerability, grief, and coping with the devastation of being recognized.

  2. joshua tree <3

    either tied for first or second place favorite song

    a great song to bob your head to.

  3. talking to yourself

    third single released before the album

    it's a fun pop song! about the general sense of wanting someone to miss you when you're gone.

  4. far away

  5. sideways

    "everything's going my way, and i like when i get my way"

  6. beach house

    our favorite song. and second released song for the album before it came out. reasons why we like it:
    • the singability of it
    • the chorus
    • the organ harvesting line
    • we can listen to it over and over and over again for days on end and still love it
    • one part makes it sound like she ate this guy's wife out
  7. bends

    the grown up version of "sun on you"

    it's very slow, which isn't our favorite

  8. western wind

    first hint at the new album and possibly self-insert fanfiction into greek myth

  9. so nice

    the source of crj's current tour, the so nice tour

    fun fact: when she was writing this song, producers told her that it was too sweet, and she said, 'okay' and then made it sweeter.

  10. bad thing twice

    the most evil of the evil carly songs (released)

  11. shooting star

  12. go find yourself or whatever

    crj used all of her "fucks" in surrender my heart, longest song of the album at 4:44

  13. the loneliest time (ft. rufus wainright)

    final single released before the album

    VERY POLARIZING! but we liked it

  14. anxious (bonus)

    we keep getting this song stuck in our head

  15. no thinking over the weekend (bonus)

    the redditers love this one

  16. keep away (bonus)

    this is the only bonus song available on the target version of the album

our rankings

  1. beach house
  2. joshua tree
  3. so nice
  4. shooting star
  5. bad thing twice
  6. sideways
  7. far away
  8. surrender my heart
  9. talking to yourself
  10. anxious
  11. the loneliest time
  12. keep away
  13. western wind
  14. bends
  15. go find yourself or whatever
  16. no thinking over the weekend

albums, ranked

please understand these seven albums are still all in our top like 20 albums ever

open for rankings
  1. the loneliest time
    • favorite: beach house, joshua tree, sideways, so nice, bad things twice, shooting star
    • least: no thinking over the weekend
  2. emotion side b
    • favorite: higher, fever, the one, body language, roses
    • least: cry
  3. dedicated side b
    • favorite: this love isn't crazy, stay away, this is what they say
    • least: heartbeat, comeback
  4. emotion
    • favorite: gimmie love, emotion, run away with me, making the most of the night, let's get lost
    • least: black heart
  5. kiss
    • favorite: call me maybe, turn me up, hurt so good
    • least: guitar string, your heart is a muscle
  6. dedicated
    • favorite: automatically in love, too much, want you in my room, the sound
    • least: feels right
  7. tug of war
    • favorite: tug of war, money and the ego, bucket, sour candy
    • least: worldly matters, hotel shampoos

favorite singles

occasionally, crj releases singles. some of them are singles written for other works, such as cut to the feeling, which was written for a canadian ballerina animated movie.

expand for singles
  1. beach house
  2. cut to the feeling
  3. boys in the band
  4. let's be friends

leaked songs

crj's music process includes writing and recording a lot of music and then whittling down to the best tracks according to a theme. however, this process also yields a lot of leaked music.

some of her leaks rank in our top favorites of her discography.

spoilers for awesome unreleased music
  • little of mine
    • rating: 11/10
    • year recorded: 2017
    • year leaked: 2018
    • first listen: in a car in a vietnamese restaurant parking lot
    • album placement: on
    • best part timestamps: 0:50 - 1:19
  • can we again
    • rating: 9/10
    • year recorded: 2016
    • year leaked: 2021
    • first listen: new wave of dedicated side b contender leaks
    • album placement: on
    • best part timestamps: 0:50 - 1:07
  • love & paranoia
    • rating: 10/10
    • year recorded: 2018
    • year leaked: 2019, 2021
    • first listen: a treat, another leak so soon
    • album placement: on
    • best part timestamps: 2:20 - 2:57
  • white lie
    • rating:8/10
    • year recorded: 2017
    • year leaked: 2020
    • first listen: reddit alert
    • album placement: off
    • best part timestamps: 2:45-2:51
  • favourite night
    • rating: 8/10
    • year recorded: 2018
    • year leaked: 2021
    • first listen: first half of the dedicated side b contenders
    • album placement: off
    • best part timestamps: 1:00 - 1:09
  • disco darling
    • rating: 10/10
    • year recorded: 2018
    • year leaked: 2021
    • first listen: second half of the dedicated side b contenders
    • album placement: on
    • best part timestamps: 2:39 - 2:57
  • black light
    • rating: 7/10
    • year recorded 2014:
    • year leaked: 2015
    • first listen: big splurge with a tentative relisten
    • album placement: off
    • best part timestamps:
  • i believe you
    • rating: 8/10
    • year recorded: 2014
    • year leaked: 2019
    • first listen: a "catch up" of leaked songs
    • album placement: off
    • best part timestamps: 1:06 - 1:15


  • got fifth on canadian idol
  • put out 1st album tug of war in 2008
  • 2nd album kiss in 2012 featuring the single call me maybe
  • call me maybe goes viral
  • emotion, album #3, drops in 2015 to critical acclaim
    • and not Just because of the sax solo in run away with me
  • a surprise b-side album a year later: emotion: side b
  • dedicated joins the ranks in 2019, with dedicated: side b coming a year later
  • album #7 !! , the loneliest time, comes out october 2022!


  • she's sang in simlish before to put run away with me in the sims
  • she's said in a couple of interviews she wants to write a musical
  • japan has laws in place that make it profitable to make japan-exclusive tracks, and usually they are Very good and Very easy to get through various methods
  • she did a music video with shrampton, the instagram famous cat
  • cut to the feeling, arguably one of her very best songs, was made for a canadian animated children's movie called 'ballerina'

review reviews


review by pitchfork
  • album: Dedicated
  • rating: 7.3
  • thoughts: beautifully worded and fair. we'd rate it higher, but we agree with the general critiques.
  • link: here


review by vulture
  • album: Dedicated
  • rating: none
  • thoughts: this one barely sounds like it's talking about music. whatever.
  • link: here