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restoration of tiktaalik with a broad triangular head, four fins, long salamander like body, two eyes on the top of its head

art by obsidian soul
  • fishapod
  • unknown if direct relative of modern tetrapods or just close relative
  • transitional creature from water to land
  • 1.25 - 2.7 m long
  • lower jaws up to 31 cm long
  • sturdy interior bones allowed tiktaalik to prop itself up and walk in shallow water

qikiqtania wakei

  • older than tiktaalik
  • fins evolved from limbs rather than the other way around like in tiktaalik
  • evolved to be full-time swimmer
  • illustration of the fossils recovered of qikiqtania wakei
    art by stewart, lemberg, deaeschler, and shubin
artist's depiction of qikiqtania, a fish with four fins that are less capable of supporting itself on land
kick-ih-TAN-ee-uh way-kai
/ˌkɪkɪkˈtæniə ˈwɛka͡i/

art by alex boersma



art by mark witton
  • largest pterosaur
  • stocky, robust, and strong
  • functioned as an apex predator that preyed upon dinosaurs affected by insular dwarfism
  • 12 m long wingspan
  • skull 3 m long
  • like other pterosaurs, was adept on land


claymation green dinosaur throwing hamburgers out a fast food window bipedal carnivorous dinosaur hopping forward long-necked herbivorous dinosaur walking forward a long-necked dinosaur dropping paper into a mailbox a juvenile tyrannosaurus skeleton breaking apart and falling to the ground triceratops walking bipedal carnivorous dinosaur in a sparkling snowglobe with a bright field on a sunny day tyrannosaurus walking stegosaurus swinging its spiked tail pterosaur flapping its wings iguanadon walking pterosaur flapping its wings in the mountains claymation orange dinosaur working in a fast food restaurant eating half the chicken nuggets