freaky art

freaks, please interact

making the art that you see on this website gives us immense joy and creative fulfillment. it also makes us quite lonely. we understand that the subject and presentation of our art is not to everyone's tastes. those who don't like the things we make should please feel free to spend their time elsewhere, around things they do like.

if you feel similarly lonely, please interact. us freaks need each other.

art philosophy

art is a good thing. we love art. we like looking at it and reading it.

art is an exercise in creative expression. messiness and experimentation are valuable, as they're manifestations of someone's ideas.

art appreciation is good, and one of the important parts of art appreciating is learning what you like and dislike. you get to chase after the things you like and hopefully find more of those things.

we live in a capitalist hellscape where if you don't have the right kind of numbers, you can't get things to live. money spent toward helping artists get things to live is good. commissioning artists is good.

writing philosophy

form and minimalism are fantastic tools.

indulgence is a joy to read.

try poetry. you may like it.

try writing an essay. a memoir in recipes and letters. glossary of your school teachers. experiment.


  • support other artists
  • make art we like
  • enjoy making art
  • discover more art to appreciate


  • baroque
  • neon
  • psychedelic
  • surreal
  • pop
  • retrofuturism