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a european pill-popping chainsmoking bisexual lunatic. full of anxiety and deep repressive instincts, patrice begs to have his existence minimized as much as it can without hurting those he loves. sometimes he fucks up.

another european pill-popping chainsmoking bisexual lunatic. bearing no intention to harm, he assumes he causes no harm. he's mostly right. sometimes he fucks up. he fights and loves harder than patrice, by necessity.

lost in the 2004 deviantart sauce. buddy is good at drawing chibis and swimming with his eyes closed in the pool. he's a chubby seal pup of a guy terrified by the enormity of his desires and is always prepared to lose.

has enough phone charms to whip christ. the only one of the four cool enough to have friends outside of their codependent circle. prone to breaking the rules. she's always brave and stubborn, by necessity.