welcome to the twoniverse

half grimdark whump, half wholesome sugar sweet, the twoniverse is split right down the middle. on one side is patrice and pierre, and on the other side is buddy and bunny. these friendly sweetlings started out on red and blue teams, but now they're all working together on things like their animal crossing towns, sandcastles, and what you do after high school if you're a selkie who can't speak french.

sometimes patrice and pierre share a body, and sometimes buddy and bunny do, too, and sometimes there's actually four bodies running around. french or french canadian, beloved or belittled, codependent or... no, they're always codependent.

this world is under construction! many pages, including the ones for bunny and buddy, are blank/empty for right now

meet the twins


context for how we engage with this world and how you might, too


why you might like it here

  1. everyone's very cute in a pathetic sort of way. they're all big babies with squishy hearts who fall in love too easily and get hurt along the way. bunny and buddy are cute and dumb; patrice and pierre are pathetic, and cute as a result.
  2. there’s only four characters. that’s not too many to remember, and there’s still room to be creative with how they interact.
  3. duality is a fundamental aspect of the world. you can see things echo. the world is full of double exposures. all four characters have a twin or share a body with someone.
  4. it explores what it means to share DNA, philosophically. these characters explore what it means to share bodies and blood, how that affects their sense of self, and why they exist.

the goal of this part of the website

we use these characters for emotional catharsis and expression. these characters can undergo pain and trauma and we can reap the narrative satisfaction of dealing with the consequences. these are our oldest ocs and they've been through a lot, but their story arcs are beautiful and rich.



creatureful indulgent romance

kissing in the dark under cotton static. gummy worms and spit. reality shifts out of focus and centers on a familiar object.

recurring themes

  • love conquers all.
  • the weak will protect the sweet.
  • patience is a virtue.

reader experience

snuggle up, grab a snack, and get ready to woobify some grown men.

we are so very pleased you are here.



love is the whole of the law. they all love each other in the fabric of their being, no matter how hard they try and fight. their destinies are intertwined because their love for each other transcends any given universe.


time comes for us all. the clock ticks toward the future and away from the past. it passes at its steady rate and only perception can speed it up or slow it down.


denying fate is fighting a losing battle. star-crossed lovers will meet. things that are meant to be will always happen.


a summary of the twoniverse so far

originally, patrice and buddy were alone. they were unlike themselves in many ways, but through writing about these characters they began to take greater shape. in these early stories, they were jaded by battle, but as their emotional lives developed they abandoned the battlefield.

buddy went to school and patrice started teaching. this is where things started to get interesting. buddy's life was horrible before he met a nice teacher to help him, and patrice got more than he bargained for as he tried to help buddy.

then patrice split in two. and buddy split in two. pierre and bunny were created to fill out the dissociated lives of their other halves. they were savvier to the intricacies of their abuse histories and kept to themselves, until they met each other.

more stories were written featuring all four characters. eventually, pierre and bunny needed their own bodies. alters became twins.

and the story never died




lord of the rings

a simple life is a good one. the world is full of magic

gaming, movies, & tv


doctor who

its sense of magic and unexplainable beauty as a traveler takes a companion (or two)

twin peaks

the uncanny of doubles and the intensity of small-town interactions


team fortress 2

clones, cloning, and battling with your shadow self