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doctor who

our doctor who ao3
fic descriptions

dreamy, even

  • rating: teen+
  • ship: nyssa/tegan
  • summary: out-of-order romance calculating birthdays across space and time
  • word count: 2.4k

glossy fingers & wet leather

  • rating: explicit
  • ship: nyssa/tegan
  • summary: nyssa orders some shoes that she really wants to see tegan in
  • word count: 1.8k

senses & sensibility

  • rating: explicit
  • ship: nyssa/tegan
  • summary: doc and tegan get high, fall in love, and make wuv uwu
  • word count: 10k

turn tail

  • rating: teen+
  • ship: 4/sarah jane
  • summary: what if sarah jane was a bunny girl lol
  • word count: 600

weak roses in the wind

  • rating: gen
  • ship: 3/jo
  • summary: doctor helps jo make it to the tardis
  • word count: 800


our non-doctor who ao3
fic descriptions

Salt & Stained Sheets

  • rating: mature
  • ship: scout/spy
  • summary: a quick car ride through badwater basin and then back home again
  • word count: 1.5k

all guts, no glory

  • rating: explicit
  • ship: soldier/demo
  • summary: soldier and demo just hangin’ out before succumbing to fatal injuries. stuff inside their intestines leaks out and stuff inside their hearts feeds the vultures.
  • word count: 1.2k


  • rating: explicit
  • ship: medic/spy
  • summary: Spy comes to Medic's infirmary and gets everything he asked for (romantic vivisection)
  • word count: 3.4k

experience points

  • rating: explicit
  • ship: spy/heavy, heavy/medic, spy/medic
  • summary: Spy makes up a game, but he always seems to lose.
  • word count: 6.4k


fic description

partners in play

  • rating: explicit
  • ship: lycanroc/trainer
  • summary: Ripley needs to blow off some steam with her Lycanroc partner, Lucy, after losing to a snotty brat with a level 80 Decidueye.
  • word count: 3k

interactive fiction

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