a kaomoji cute smiley face 'this user has adhd'a red rose 'this user is interested in beauty'a pencil drawing a dotted curve 'this user wants to become a better writer'a silhouette of a man holding a bat behind their head while they kick someone begging on the ground 'this user is really cruel to their characters >:)'a white heart on a black background 'this user thinks dark mode is better because they have sensitive eyes'a slice of cake with alternating brown layers 'this user loves chocolate cake'fighting type symbol 'this user loves Fighting-types'a hockey mask 'this user loves horror movies' willy wonka from the old film 'this user STOLE fizzy lifting drinksthe raining cloud emoji 'this user loves the rain'the mute icon 'this user has misophonia' a foggy city horizon 'this user enjoys overcast weather'a manuscript 'this user writes poetry'a mri scan of a brain 'this user loves psychological horror'a venus-like planet in space 'this user reads science fiction'a marijuana leaf 'this user smokes weed'a dagger 'this user loves women with swords'a quill in an inkwell 'this user enjoys writing'a blank box 'this user is wrong about many things' 'this user is a writer'
a blue heart with a jagged crack down the middle 'i role play angst'i write science fictionwelcome sign to twin peaks that says 'welcome twin peaks'a zigzagoon against a pink background