to be alterhuman is to identify outside traditional definitions of human

some people identify as real-world animals. they are therians.

some people identify as otherworldly creatures like elves and aliens. they are otherkin.

some people identify as fictional. they are fictionkin.


a kintype is the subject of the alterhuman identity.

amongst the current set of system members, jyliet is otherkin and mimi is a therian and fictionkin.

jyliet is a pixie and sometimes nyssa of traken.

mimi is daffy duck, ducks, geese, and popee the clown.


we're quoigenic. not quoi as in "what" but quoi as in "fuck you."

"origin" terms for systems became a thing while we were still in the plural community. they've made everything suck in a lot of ways, and we don't subscribe to pinpointing own our origins anymore.

quoigenic is not "maybe" or "unsure" or "endogenic probably." it means "no thank you," "not applicable" or "that question doesn't even make sense."

our multiple code:

MuC N#$ | P[gq/qr] | A(b r--/^) | S.H+/S.Hf+/S.Sa/S.Ssd+/S.H~Mcw+/S.H~Mcf/S.M"hippo"/S.A/S.Bdck/S.Bg/S.Pt | Oq | Mm/nd/l | Wb | C(cc++/m&) | OF(r-/o+++) | Fpg/xc/ast+/div+/~+/a+ | Mast~/# | Rf/p/qp+/r+/s+ | V++#*!+ | Xg/l/b/p/as/q/o | Gf/m/n/nb/a/b/g/gq/x | Jcs/wr/st | S(r--/o+(+^)) | R++